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What is is a website that showcases the best cycle friendly accommodation all over the world. We aim to make it as easy as possible for cyclists to find great cycle friendly hotels, cycle friendly B&Bs, cycle friendly hostels, and many other types of cycle friendly accommodation.


We know it can be challenging to find suitable accommodation for cyclists that provide a good nights’ sleep before and after a long ride but also provide a secure place to store your pride and joy.

Sadly on too many occasions, cyclists have arrived at their hotel only to be told that they must keep their bicycles somewhere outside or insecure, or at worst have been turned away and have frantically had to try to find alternatives.

There’s also a growing number of dedicated cycling hotels that offer incredible services and facilities and fantastic local riding opportunities that deserve highlighting. was started over ten years ago as a simple blog to highlight some of the fantastic cycle friendly accommodation our cycling friends and we had stayed during our cycling adventures hoping it would help others. It quickly expanded from there, with many fellow cyclists sharing the great cycle friendly places they’d stayed in for us to add to the website.

So that’s why exists. We love cycling, and we especially love cycling holidays and adventures away from home.

We’ve continued to grow and develop the website, compiling a comprehensive list of cycle friendly hotels all in one place so cyclists can quickly find what they need and get back to training, planning and experiencing their amazing cycling trips.

What makes an accommodation cycle friendly?

There are several critical components to what makes an accommodation cycle friendly. Beyond the essentials of being a clean, comfortable and safe place to stay, at the very least, a cycle friendly accommodation is somewhere that openly welcomes cyclists and provides a suitably secure place to store guests bicycles during their stay.

Some hotels are designed specifically for cyclists and provide a huge range of dedicated services for them. Of course, most places cyclists stay are not like this and are simply accommodating of guests staying with bicycles.

On we list all levels of cycle friendly accommodation, from all those amazing dedicated cycle hotels right down to the small and  friendly local B&B, as long as they offer these basic things:

  • A clean, comfortable and safe place to stay
  • Secure bicycle storage
  • Complete Wi-Fi coverage in guest areas.

So beyond these essential basics, we focus on clearly highlighting which of the following specific cycling facilities and services each cycle friendly accommodation provides (in no particular order) and showing any other useful information for cyclist:

Bicycle Cleaning

An area and tools on-site to wash and wipe-down bicycles after a cycle ride.

Bicycle Hire

On-site bicycles for guests to hire during their stay.

Bicycle Repairs & Maintenance

A selection of bicycle tools and a pump on-site for guests to use.

Bicycle Shop

An on-site shop to purchase cycling basics e.g. puncture repair kits, inner tubes, lubricants etc.

Bicycle Transport

Transport options to pick up or take guests to places for them and their bicycles

Cycling Food & Nutrition

A varied food menu with flexible serving times, takeaway options or specific cycling snacks.

Cycling Tours (Guided)

Organised cycling tours to explore the local area either available on-site or through a 3rd party.

Cycling Tours (Self-Guided)

Detailed information, maps and tips on local cycling routes including emergency info.

Secure Bicycle Storage

Suitable secure storage space for guests bicycles during their stay.

Laundry Facilities

On-site laundry facilities suitable for cleaning cycling clothing.

Pool or Spa Facilities

On-site swimming pool, hot tub, sauna or massage services for guests to use.

eBike Storage & Charging

A secure space for guests to store and charge electric bicycles during their stay.

How do the accommodation price bandings work?

The price of all accommodation can fluctuate a lot throughout a year. With seasonal increases in demand come seasonal increases in prices.

For this reason, instead of displaying a low starting price only to find a very different price when choosing your actual dates, we group cycle friendly accommodation into the following four pricing bands for simplicity:


Cheap ($)

Typically under $60


Moderate ($$)

Typically between $60-$120


Expensive ($$$)

Typically between $120-$199


Ultra-High ($$$$)

Typically above $200

How can I recommend a cycle friendly hotel?

It’s the amazing cycling community that powers and continues to inspire us. We always want to hear about any new cycle friendly accommodation that we can add to our website to benefit our fellow cyclists. So, if there’s a cycle friendly hotel, B&B, hostel, holiday home or any other type of cycle friendly accommodation that is not listed here that you have first-hand experience of or that you manage, then do get in touch.

Getting cycle friendly accommodation listed is quick and easy. To get started, visit our ‘Recommend a Cycle Friendly Hotel page, add in all the relevant information and submit your recommendation. We will then review the listing and then publish this for other visitors to see.

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